your SCHEDULE your way,   PAllen’s online due to covid-19


Train online with us during this pandemic

Stay sane, keep calm, and focus on healthy choices during social distancing. We’re offering classes, for children, teens and adults, 2-3 times a week, and these online courses work around your schedules. Get your uniform on, log on, and press play for a focused workout with regular curriculum training and exciting new drills. We encourage siblings and parents to participate with our students and join the fun! A family that trains together, bonds strong together!

Message from
Sifu Bobby

Greetings Pallen’s Martial Arts Family,

As you all know, President Trump has decided that the guidelines for social distancing would last until April, 30th. As a nation we have to combat this virus full force for the safety of our families! Let’s be pro active in this fight! Through these challenges we must do our part and abide to the Shelter in Place rule to stop the threat of the coronavirus. “Life must go on!” As schools are proceeding with virtual classes to continue the growth of our children, we too will provide a new platform of at home training that will keep your child’s health and fitness moving forward! Our Pallen’s Martial Arts Tribe

believes that now more than ever we must show our heart, dedication and commitment to our regular daily chores and responsibilities! Together we will come out of this better than we came in..

We’re excited to release tomorrow our online classes! Again, every Monday starting tomorrow we will have a weekly online class for EVERY level. We will also have virtual classes weekly every Wednesday and Thursday. We feel confident that you’ll be more than satisfied with the workouts if you stick to a strict schedule and put your best effort when following along. We ask that you send us pics of your participation/interaction and of course we appreciate your feedback.

There is a valuable lesson we as a nation can teach our kids and this is to be resilient and resourceful when we hit the roadblocks of life. We pray that we’ll be back on the mat together by Monday, May 4! This too shall pass..


Sifu Bobby and Family

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